Debit/Credit/Other transactions are borne by customer as per CGA guidelines........ However, PLI Payments are facilitated through IPPB Mobile Banking Free of Cost for IPPB customers. To download the app, click
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Change of Address
  • One new Address Proof on your name
Change of Assignee
  • Notarized assignment form
Change of Nominee
  • Form for Change of Nomination
    (If the Nominee is minor, the appointee details and signature of nominee are needed in the Change of Nomination application.)

Change of Payment Frequency
  • Billing Frequency Change Form
Change of Payment Mode
  • Billing Method Change Request Form
Maturity Claim Submission
  • Maturity Claim Application Form
  • Policy Bond/Indemnity Bond
  • Premium Receipt Book/DDO Certificate
  • Cancelled Cheque (EFT Payments)
Loan against a policy
  1. Filled Loan Application Form
  2. Assignment Form
  3. Policy Bond
  4. Premium receipt book (in case of cash policy)
  5. Disbursing officer's certificate for last six months for deduction of premium (in case of pay recovery policy)
  6. Loan repayment receipt book (in case of second or subsequent loan)
  7. Loan Bond
Revival of a Policy
  1. Revival Application Form
  2. Employer Certificate (In case of Pay Recovery)
  3. Medical certificate for Revival
  4. Premium Receipt book
Surrender a policy
  1. Policy Bond
  2. Premium Receipt Book
  3. Surrender Request Form
  4. D.O.C for last one year (in case of Pay Recovery)
  5. Premium receipt book (in case of cash policy)
  6. Duplicate Policy Bond(in case of document lost)
  7. Indemnity Bond if duplicate bond not available
  8. Cancelled Cheque (Required only in case of EFT as disbursement type)